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Home Cooked Deliciousness

We use the freshest ingredients and cook like we are cooking for our very own family. Good old fashioned - ready to eat - home style prepared meals. If you can't see what you want - Just ask!

Curries & Caseroles

Using Broadway Fairs abundance of asian influence, our chef whips up some real authentic asian dishes along with European style tender casseroles, stroganoffs and hearty warm stews for quick and easy family dinners.

Price available upon request.


Comfort food for the ages. Touted as the best store bought lasagne out there, we have our pasta homemade by a local business named Golden Ravioli, specialising in all types of delicious fresh pasta. With this comes delicious creamy carbonara and spaghetti bolognese. We have the ever-favourites of moussaka's and tuna bakes, with a steady revolving delicious seasonal menu.

Price available upon request.

Pastries 'n


Crowd favourite pies ranging from beef, cheese and bacon, steak and mushroom, Aussie meat pies. Smaller puff pastry parcels with butter chicken and stroganoff filling.

Like many of the pre-prepared meals, we will change and adapt to any of your desired requests!

Price available upon request.


We have a little smoking habit down here at Weir's. Not only do we love cooking meat, but we love smoking and barbecuing and finding any niche way to prepare our lovely produce.

Whether it be our famed chilli, cheese kranskys, double smoked bacon, bacon hocks and bones. We also love to experiment with big chunks of meat like brisket and whole beef ribs, beef cheeks, chicken breasts, trout and whole turkeys.

You name it, we'll experiment. Ask us for some of our specialty smoked and barbecue products made all in house!



Some of the best imported cheeses from all over the world, bleu's, camemberts, taleggio, fior de leite and other delectable cheeses paired with fine quinces, muscatels, a range of terrines and pâté, pushing your sharing boards to the next level. 



& More

Pop on over to our Catering Page for more delicious food inspiration and meal prep made super easy!

Price available upon request.

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