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70 plus years of dedication to meat eaters around Perth, Western Australia! With a fresh new urban injection, the attention to detail, local business, Perth cuisine, delicious local beef, pork, lamb and poultry is peaking! Smoked meats, delicious home cooked meals, and small artisan goods, this Crawley Butcher Shop is here to please your every need!


Christmas 2020

The Christmas rush is looming ever-closer. Not only is it about all those pesky things like family and friends but most importantly it's about FOOD. Turkey, Ham, Chicken, Beef, Quail, Duck - you name it, we got it.


Get your orders in early to avoid disappointment. No delivery for online orders, PICKUP IN-STORE ONLY. $30 minimum deposit required.  


After what feels like an eternity, it's time to come up from hibernation and feel the sunshine!


Warmer months mean hosting, and however bittersweet entertaining is sometimes, it must be done, and with style (naturally). 


Whether it's an intimate dinner, or a 100 person 21st, we are equipped to make it effortless for you.  

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Put simply, dry ageing is a meat ageing technique employed throughout the ages that has been defined and perfected to create, through controlled environment, an enhanced flavour of the most tender beef you will try! 

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Image by Brett Jordan
Delivered to your door.

"We don't just go to get our delicious meat, half the joy is going seeing our second family at Weirs"